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Home Ownership At River Glen Haven

Set in the tranquil surrounds of a peaceful village atmosphere, your home at River Glen Haven offers the independence of living in your own home, without the high costs of ownership generally associated with owning your own home and also significant advantages when compared to the traditional Retirement Village model


No stamp duty
No body corporate or strata fees
No Exit Fees
No deferred management fees - The only expenses you will have to pay are a normal sales commission and any Solicitor’s fees that you yourself incur.
No council fees

Ownership of a home in River Glen Haven exists on a two-tier basis.

  1. The house that you select and buy is yours. You are the absolute owner of the house.
  2. You acquire a License to occupy the site on which the house stands. This is not a freehold interest but rather like a lease.

This system of “ownership” of the land enables us to keep down the cost of entry to the village but is perfectly secure for you as the rights of the resident is strictly protected by Statute and by an approved form of License Agreement between the parties.
River Glen Haven homeowners pay a single weekly site rental fee towards management and maintenance of our quality lifestyle community. The only other expense is homeowners are expected to pay your own house insurance, power, internet and telephone.

Some homeowners may be eligible for Government rent assistance which can provide a significant subsidy towards your site fee.

Because of the affordability of our homes, you may be able to free up the excess captial from the sale of your old home, then have the choice to buy a new car, travel overseas or just simply create a nest egg for the future. The options are all yours!

Contact us today, to discuss the benefits of home ownership at River Glen Haven Resort Lifestyle Village.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions.

Do you have to be retired to live at River Glen Haven ?

No, River Glen Haven is designed for over 50's making a healthy and active lifestyle choice, so whether retired or not, you are welcome.

Do you own the home?


Do I have to pay rates or body corporate fees?

There are no body corporate levies, council rates, or water charges payable by residents of River Glen Haven. There is, however, a weekly site fee, which covers the costs of the above as well as maintenance and repair for all River Glen Haven facilities.

As a resident, what other expenses will I be responsible for?

Home owners are responsible for public utilities such as telephone, internet and insurance. Also, if fitted, electricity and water meters will also be your responsibility.

How long do site agreements last for?

As a resident, you protected by the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) act 2003. The site agreements are perpetual until termination by the home owner.

Can I get rent assistance upon purchasing a home?

This will depend on whether you are currently recieving a government pension. If you are you will receive rent assistance, if you are not, we suggest contacting the government to see if you are eligible.

Am I allowed to have pets?

River Glen Haven is a pet friendly, over 50's retirement community.

If our FAQ's did not answer your particular query, please contact us.

River Glen Haven - a tranquil and peaceful village atmosphere

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